PSA: These Photos Are Reminders That Anna Wintour Is Always Watching

A recent article on Bustle points out that in many photos from the various Fall 2014 Couture shows, one face was ubiquitous. Don’t pretend like you don’t know whose. Who else could snag so many amazing front row seats?


Bustle’s take is that Anna Wintour is the queen of photobombing. They even assigned a special hashtag for the phenomenon: #Wintourbombing. It makes sense—if anyone deserves her own hashtag it’s the edtrix. But my take is a little different.

If these photos prove anything, it’s that Anna Wintour is always watching. Like the Eye of Sauron. No matter where you go, if you have a hair strand loose, if panty line is showing: Anna will be there, and she will look disapproving.


Now, yes. That sounds kind of scary. But really, there’s a benefit to Anna Wintour’s omnipresence. As fashion gets wackier and wackier, it’s a comfort to know Wintour will always dispense her judgement, so we can know how we’re supposed to feel about absurd things like sneakers on the runway. Her presence brings sanity to an often crazy industry. Plus, her impending appearance is why, even during the most exhausting and hectic NYFW, I actually take the time to put on my most hip outfit and ensure my makeup is perfect.

Anna Wintour is pretty much our fashion fairy godmother. If we weren’t always wary of a run-in with the Queen of Fashion, we might get sloppy and just go for sweatpants. So thanks for keeping us on our toes, Ms. Wintour. And thanks for reminding us you’re always there with your amazing photobombs.


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