Ryan Lochte Groped Anna Wintour’s Bare Leg At Ralph Lauren

There were a lot of things to love about Ralph Lauren‘s spring 2013 runway show Thursday morning — the matador-inspired jackets, Karlie Kloss‘ inimitable smize (sorry, Tyra), the civilized buzz that has come to define the week’s closing show for us — but the top honor goes to the moment Ryan Lochte stroked, nay, groped Anna Wintour‘s bare leg.

Despite the fact that Lochte seems to be taking a page out of the CW starlet Fashion Week Handbook (he went to Milly!), the gold medal swimmer and Vogue cover model still managed to steal the show upon his arrival in a flawlessly fitted suit. From our fourth (of four) row perch, we watched as his manager gave Lochte a nudge in Wintour’s direction, presumably encouraging him to greet her, both for his own benefit and for those of the cameras. Lochte dutifully strode over, said hello, and went in for a kiss on the cheek. This was enough to send tweets flying, but the best was yet to come. For, in parting, Lochte reached down with one of his genetically-blessed swimmer’s paws and rubbed Wintour’s knee. We saw her face go from bemused acceptance to utter shock.

Ryan Lochte caressed Nuclear Wintour’s bare leg. This is a thing that happened.

Blessed Lochte, he trotted happily away, never seeing Wintour’s reaction, or fellow seatmate Grace Coddington‘s for that matter, which was equally priceless. And we were left with nothing but our own pure, unadulterated joy.

As for the show, it was quintessential Lauren, by way of the Spanish highlands, that is. Swinging skirts, jewel tones, and ruffled shoulders abounded, while delicate swan-like necks were encased in vintage collars and choker ribbons. Lauren has a tendency to be quite literal in his inspiration (see: The Orient Express, Downton Abbey) and this collection was no exception. But if Lauren’s dictation means we’re in for a spring of structured toppers, Spanish stripes, and shoulder-grazing statement earrings, we’re on board. Olé.

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