Sheer Solutions For Summertime Stains

As we shove our winter wardrobes into storage and sift through our warm weather pieces, a general euphoria typically sweeps over us. Goodbye sweaters that hide our shape, farewell constricting jeans, au revoir to our burdensome coats. Oh, summer, the carefree season of reclaimed youth and reawakened rebellious sides. But, with everything good, a bad seems to follow, and summer has invoked a fear into most of us at some point during our warm weather gallivants.

As the thermostat starts tipping toward the warming persuasion, t-shirts and tanks start sticking to our backs. Sooner or later, we catch a glimpse in the mirror and find — much to our horror — a small, itsy-bitsy stain of sweat. It’s happened to the best of us no matter how high we crank the AC, how frequently we reapply our deodorant, or carefully choose colors to camouflage the unfortunate perspiration points.

But, what if there’s another trick we have yet to try — something that may take us a little out of our comfort zone but into a much cooler and relaxed one? Behold, my sneakily sweaty ladies, the spring and summertime sheer. Yes, to some this may require another layer underneath, or at the least an investment into some alluring unmentionables. This season is definitely the time to show off your best bits, upfront and center.
Sure, there is a transitional period moving away from your opaque and heavy cottons to the light and transparent fabrics and LNA offers a perfect training-wheel option with their sheer-paneled tee. The strategically placed mesh eases you into showing a bit of your belly – and depending on how shrunken you like your shirts, a teensy bit more. You can hop around the dance floor and feel mighty fine as you shimmy in these sheers.

Rachel Comey has the bottom half covered — small pun intended -– with her sheer loose-fit leggings. Finally you have the opportunity to show off those sequin booty shorts that have anxiously been awaiting some air, biding their time shoved in the back of your drawer. These also solve any issues of awkward back sweat that collects if say, you’ve been sitting in an un-air conditioned bar or café for too long on a balmy evening. These loose and airy leggings will definitely save you from leaving a humiliating last impression with a cutie while walking away.

For ultimate breathability and almost a surefire solution to those pesky stains, dive on into the wonderful world of slinky sheers. Everyone from American Apparel to Calvin Klein has their version of ventilation friendly pieces. You have the body suits, perfect for those spontaneous skinny-dipping moments to lovely blouses, which look chic and unexpected with patterned minis and full-denim maxis. Either way, you can look ephemerally feminine or simplistically modern all while putting your mind at ease that even if you do feel a little dampness, it certainly won’t show.

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