Stefani Style: Is 2010 The Summer Of Ska?

With the 90s back in full swing this spring, reflections back to middle school days seem to be a regular occurrence. As of late, this immersion into somewhat awkward adolescence has one great benefit; the playlists that dominated my bulky boom box now accompany me on my strolls down memory lane, or strolls anywhere for that matter.

This has gotten me thinking: with Cher from Clueless and Courtney Love from her Kurt days being referenced and epitomized on every corner below 14th street, where are the mini-Gwen Stefanis? Also, what happened to ska dressing? Sure, the Chers have our girly sides covered and Court more than has our grunge side down, but what about our quirky tomboy side?

Crop tops don’t have to be reserved just for our Kelly Kupowski moods, but can be perfect for a game of Frisbee in the park. Why not throw on a shrunken white tank to run errands and go about our day with little discomfort? Topshop has just the solution with their New York Dance crop top. Comfortable in cotton, this shirt is little fuss but still looks edgy and fun.

Onto a more controversial item: the Bermuda short. As a thirteen-year-old, I was strangely drawn to plaid shorts that should have belonged to my male peers, not my wardrobe. But today, while running the risk of looking a little overly boyish from the bottom half down, do not fret, Mathew Ames has come to the rescue. With his interesting take on longer shorts made out of delicious leather, the length and material collide to create a tomboyish yet sexy appeal.

That said, ccessories are still the key to completing this look. Raid your closest Rite Aid for fun hair elastics with plastic balls and perky barrettes. Candy rings are cute for finger decoration and even try sporting a candy necklace for a mid-day nibble.

With just a few easy tweaks, we can jam to our Sublime albums, hang with our guy friends, and embrace the inner teenager we all still have.

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