The 13 Most Batshit Instagrams of the Chanel Cruise Show in Dubai

Following up from Dior‘s show in Brooklyn, NYChanel showcased its Cruise 2015 collection in Dubai because they wanted to and can afford to and why the eff not? They also knew very well that everyone who wasn’t in the UAE would be trolling #chanelcruisedubai all morning just to get the slightest glimpse of what it’s like to be sipping on Arabic coffee with fashion’s most elite. But with an extravagant location for such an anticipated show comes extravagant measures, so without futher ado, the most batshit moments of the Chanel Cruise 2015 show in Dubai. (God bless you, Instagram.)

1. Upon arrival, guests of the show were greeted with boats because duh, this is Chanel. We are island-bound!

And here’s a video clip for more FOMO:

2. Before heading off indoors (it’s over 90-degrees in Dubai), be sure to take a moment in the souk tents to relax and enjoy the Dubai skyline. Cheers your Arabic coffee to the good life, you lucky bastards.

There’s also hookah.

3. A building used exclusively for Chanel would not be complete without double-“C” logos.


4. Indoor fake palm trees. Comfy, cushioned seating. All of the hors d’oeuvres.

5. Now to the actual collection. Chanel’s reaction to Dubai’s oil industry: a bag shaped like those portable plastic gas cans that your parents keep in the garage. Adorned with the label’s signature quilting, this bag is perfect for storing your supply of solid gold coins and then pouring it out, like a waterfall of wealth, for all of your haters.

6. The cruise collection’s beauty look consisted of gold flakes placed just so at the inner corners of the models’ eyes. Pretty to look at, a terrible nightmare if those things actually get into your eyes.

7. Light! Up! Shoes!

8. The Dubai skyline made of sequins. That’s probably an accurate depiction of what the skyline looks like IRL.

9. Hudson Kroening, a Chanel regular, who got to model in the show. Pwning every fashion kid on Instagram. The guests are in awe of his adorableness, even the guy on the left. (Tim Blanks, is that you?)

10. And the most batshit crazy of them all, the man who made this all happen, Karl Lagerfeld.

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