Hilfiger’s Son Shares His Reaction To Unflattering Observer Article

Before Sunday night, Styleite only knew Tommy Hilfiger‘s rapper son Rich Hil through his underminey profile in The New York Observer. All that changed when we ran into him at his father’s spring 2012 fashion show.

Rich was sitting in the front row with his fiance, the DJ Krystal Martos, behind a stretch of velvet rope designed to keep rabid reporters from getting a little too close — and with good reason. Everyone from Carmelo Anthony to Malin Akerman, Petra Nemcova and Russell Simmons was behind that rope.

But we wanted to talk to Rich, specifically to see how he felt about that profile, in which he says things like “alcohol … is kind of for fags.” How could the scion of a multi-billion dollar American institution possibly feel about having something like that in print?

“It just made me sad,” he said. When we asked him to elaborate, he said, “It just made me really sad.”

We realized then we were dealing with a man of few words (or at least guarded words since, you know, the article), so we treaded carefully. Did he, we wondered, ever wear any of his dad’s designs? He was clad in gray pants, a t-shirt and a black leather motorcycle jacket, none of which seemed to embody dear old dad’s design aesthetic. Alas, we were wrong to doubt him! “I definitely do,” he said enthusiastically. “I wear my dads boxers every day.”

But just because they don’t share a similar style doesn’t mean they’re not close. “I text him every night,” Rich said. “I call him whenever I need him, add that’s why we have the best relationship.”

The same couldn’t be said for Rich’s relationship with KCD, the powerhouse public relations company that runs many of the biggest shows during New York Fashion Week. When a company rep noticed that Rich’s entourage was taking up more than its fair share of the front row, she tried to move its members elsewhere. We were in the middle of a question about what fashion means to the son of one of the industry’s royal families when he stopped short to respond.

“Paris, could you?” he said, sending a large man we didn’t notice was standing on our left to deal with the woman from KCD. He then turned back to us and said, “I just want everybody to be happy. And that’s what fashion is.”

We never really thought of it like that. But it’s still worth noting that Rich’s friends got moved, anyway. Check out who sat in the seats they were trying to take below.

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