Trends We’d Love To Wear, But Can’t Pull Off

Every time a new collection debuts, we try to picture ourselves wearing it — will we look good in that shirt, we ask, or how can we integrate that jacket into our wardrobe?

But sometimes, we see things in stores and on the runway we know automatically aren’t going to work. Our senior editor Ruthie Friedlander got editors and writers from Styleite‘s sister sites Mediaite, Geekosystem and Sportsgrid — who are all pretty stylish people, regardless of what they write about — to open up about what they’d love to wear but just can’t seem to make work.

Frances Martel, Contributing Editor, Mediaite

Because I have disproportionately short legs, I’ve never been able to wear high-rise skinny jeans which, as a fan of early 80s Sassoons, makes me kind of sad.

Susana Polo, Associate Editor, Geekosystem

I would love to be able to wear men’s clothing like Katherine Hepburn (whether or not its actually been tailored for a man, you know what I mean). But, alas, I have curves, and know well enough to take advantage of them. Also… I’m only five foot three. C’est la vie. See also: fitting waistcoats, though these are technically not impossible to find, just difficult.

Glenn Davis, Assistant Editor, Sportsgrid

The one that comes to mind for me is plaid shorts. I’ve seen plenty of people wear them, including several friends of mine, but I never liked them all that much. And even though recently I’ve seen some I like better, I don’t think I could pull off the look. I think I’d look like I was trying too hard, and can’t really picture myself in them. I might even be tempted to get them at some point, but I think there’d be a voice in my head saying something like “Oh, look at you, you think you’re so hip now, don’t you?” that would be too loud to ignore.

Steven Jessop, Contributor, Mediaite

I’m gonna go with all things hipster-chic:
– male skinny jeans, because I have hips like a pregnant woman.
– baggy tank tops that would accompany the skinny jeans, because I also have shoulders and arms like the aforementioned lady.
Ray Ban frames with prescription lenses.
– those floppy hats that kind of hang off the back of your head (on me, they tend to stick straight up).

It all looks so ridiculous on me that I don’t even know if hipster-chic is still a trend, but there you have it. I can never live in Brooklyn.

Jon Bershad, Contributor, Mediaite

I always want to wear hats but, try as I might, putting them on does not make me look “hip” or “laid back.” It makes me look like a dad on the weekend. All I need is a golf bag and a faded Polo to complete the look.

Jamie Block, Contributor, Geekosystem

Vests, without question. Sweater vests, non-sweater vests, even down vests in winter. I don’t know if I’m just too skeletal to fill them out or whether I’m too geeky for them to ever look cool, but every time that I try to implement a vest in an outfit it just looks ridiculous, droopy, and gross. I don’t like this at all. But I always think they look so cool on people who pull them off well.

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