This Is About To Exist: The 9-Inch Platform Stiletto

We’ve seen strange shoes before, but we never thought we’d see the day when someone would actually manufacture, package and market a nine-inch platform stiletto. Ladies and gentlemen, that day is swift approaching.

Next year will mark the debut of the Sky Heel, a towering platform stiletto inspired “by the catwalk for the sidewalk.” While we don’t know what kind of sidewalk these gargantuan shoes were designed for, we do admire that there’s a company out there brave enough to make a shoe for a consumer who wants to emulate Lady Gaga.

Still, we have our misgivings about this shoe. Other than the obvious orthopedic concerns (really, ouch; our ankles and arches hurt just looking at these things), we’re also concerned about the price point. We understand that it’s not uncommon to get a quality footwear for under $100, but the fact that you can pick up a pair of these clogs for less than a Benjamin means they’re probably not the best-produced shoes in the world. And the last thing you’d need in a pair of shoes like these is for the bottom layer or rubber to just come rolling off mid-stroll.

But if your feet can take the pain (and if your health insurance plan can take the risk) we say go and get a pair. And be sure to let us know how they are!

[Via The Daily Mail]

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