PHOTOS: Real, Actual Men On The Yohji Yamamoto Runway

If you want to communicate to the world that all kinds of people can wear your clothes, why not send all kinds of people down your runway? That’s what designer Yohji Yamamoto did for his fall 2011 men’s wear show in Paris. To which we have to say: Watch out, Yohji. Your genius is showing.

Most of the designer’s models were the young, skinny lads you’re used to seeing come down men’s runways in Europe: very tall, built like string beans with cheekbones so high they should be illegal. But there were more than a few who had ages (and waistlines) two or three times bigger than the traditional models.

A big part of what makes doing this so cool is that the clothes are pretty generously cut and have a decidedly old-world sensibility. (When was the last time you saw anyone wearing a twelve button double breasted vest made of two-tone corduroy? More importantly, when was the last time you saw two-tone corduroy?) So it makes sense that older guys and guys who can’t fit into sample sizes would wear these clothes in real life. And let’s be honest: Most runways could stand to look a little more like real life.

It’s missing brown people (which is something we’re always sensitive to), but it’s something! We omitted the skinny models because, well, we’ve seen them before. But take a look at the real guys and tell us what you think.

The Gloss via Fashion Indie
Photos via The Fashionisto

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