Would You Buy A Pair Of Designer 3D Glasses?

With Summer only a few short weeks away, inevitably, it’s time to start dusting off last year’s sunglasses and deciding whether or not you’ll be picking out some new shades. Maybe you’ll put away your Wayfarers for an aviator, or perhaps you’ll be more of a tortoise shell kind of lady this year. Round lenses, oversized, colored, vintage….3-D?

As if you needed another choice on the table, Look3D Eyewear is a sunglass brand dedicated to making 3-D glasses look fashionable. Now you won’t have to worry about looking dorky on line for the next Avatar-esque movie.

Much to our chagrin, Look3D, which collaborated with RealD on the collection, is not the only sunglasses brand to jump on the 3-D trend. According to Gizmodo, Ray-Ban’s parent company has been working on line, and rumors have circulated that Gucci will be designing a 3-D collection as well.

According to the Look3D website:

“At Look3D Eyewear we strongly believe that everyone deserves to see and be seen in the best 3D glasses on the market…We predict in the future, movie lovers will increasingly demand both fashion and function when attending Digital 3D cinemas, such as the RealD projector system. Look3D Eyewear is a specialist eyewear company assisting studios, cinemas and movie lovers in the transition into Digital 3D by creating seamless vision solutions which allow the audiences to engage the on-screen story like never before. Look3D offers a number of collections at various price points and are manufactured to RealD’s specific engineering specifications carrying the RealD certification badge to ensure this quality is maintained. Our goal is to ensure movie lovers experience Digital 3D as intended by filmmakers.”

From hipster-style to Upper East Side elegant, Look3D has a pair of shades for virtually every style aesthetic. But with no word on pricing, we can’t help but wonder why anyone would actually shell out more than $20 for a pair 3D shades — no matter how stylish! Then again, where there’s a time (Sunday matinees?) and possibly a place (remember Burberry’s 3D runway show?), the fashion industry can be surprisingly quick to jump on board.

What do you think?

[via Gizmodo]

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