EXPOSED: Abercrombie’s Hiring Practices

Abercrombie & Fitch and sister brand Ruehl seem to have employee handbooks that look a lot like those of American Apparel. From the half-naked salespeople standing outside of storefronts, it should come as no surprise that Abercrombie tends to hire a certain type. And that type happens to have insanely toned abs and perfectly tanned skin.

While Abercrombie has managed to avoid a leak of American Apparel proportions, one thoughtful tipster sent Gawker this revealing piece of paper. And it’s only fair that we share it with you.

So, in case you’re about to apply for a position at Abercrombie or Ruehl, make sure you understand that “the standard of the people [they] hire is THE most important part of the job.” No need to put your job history on a resume. Just send some modeling photos over to HR.


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