Teens Protest A&F’s Toxic, Sperm-Harming Scent

Confession: when we were 14, we loved Abercrombie. We thought their polos were so cool (that embroidered moose!) and that the boys who worked their were so cute. (Don’t judge – Gaga wore Abercrombie, too!) And we were always super jealous when our older-looking friends were approached by the salespeople — sorry, “brand models” — and asked to apply to work there. But then we turned 15.

Nearly a decade later, times have changed. Not only do teens think Abercrombie is, like, so totally lame, some are even protesting the brand. Why? Because A&F’s stinky perfume is lowering their sperm count! A group calling themselves Teens Turning Green descended upon an Abercrombie store in San Francisco to protest the dudes’ cologne “Fierce”. (Fierce? Is Christian Siriano working at Abercrombie now?) According to Time:

Recently, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released details of A&F’s signature men’s fragrance “Fierce,” which contains 11 chemicals not disclosed on the label. According to the Campaign, one of the chemicals is one that has been shown to alter DNA in sperm, though there’s no scientific verdict on its safety.

Hmmmm. Sounds shady to us. Especially because one doesn’t even need to buy the fragrance to be exposed to it — just walk by any A&F and prepare for a total nasal assault! Though the teens were removed by security after only a few minutes of protesting, their cries were certainly heard. (No, seriously, they yelled: “A+F, stop your spray! Your toxic fragrance must go away!”)

[Time via Racked]

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