Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry Line Is Gonna Be Expensive

You know how sometimes you read about a new product and realize immediately you won’t be able to afford it? That’s sort of how we feel about Angelina Jolie‘s new jewelry line.

The actress (and mother of 76, and UN femme fatale, et cetera) is collaborating on a line of baubles with jeweler Robert Procop, who has been combining pretty stones and shiny metals for the actress and for her partner Brad Pitt for the last decade or so.

WWD reports that Jolie and Procop have been working on their collaboration for about a year now, and they intend to donate the proceeds to Jolie’s charity The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. But if buying a Jolie-branded necklace is how you want to make a donation to that worthy cause, you’d better be worth more than the underground vault at Fort Knox and connected like Tetris.

Among the collaborative pieces are a pebble-size, pale green 353-carat beryl pendant, in a rose gold setting and worn on a chain of cushion shape beryl stones, and a graphic, tablet-shape 12.02-carat vivid green emerald ring set in rose gold … Pieces from the collection will not be sold in stores, but will be sold privately through Procop’s network of clients … Each piece will be priced individually.

Emphasis ours. But even if we hadn’t bolded those two phrases, it’d still be patently obvious that this stuff is not for poor people, not even for the upper middle class. We understand that Jolie wants her charity to be well funded, but even $30 can help the EPCC bus a Hatian child to school every day for a month. Which is why we hope when she and Procop are done with this collaboration, they’ll hook up with Claire’s and help people like us help kids in need, too.

Angelina Jolie Collaborating on Jewelry Line [WWD (Subscription Required)]

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