Why Aren’t People Bidding On Anne Hathaway’s Jewelry?

Back in June we reported that the FBI was intent on auctioning off all the jewelry that con-man Raffaello Follieri bought for his then-girlfriend Anne Hathaway. The auction is currently live, and anyone can get his or her starstruck hands on the glorious bounty of jewels that Follieri bought Hathaway before he was sent to prison. A few of his old watches are included in the sale. But instead of the heavy influx of money we expected Hathaway’s jewels to get, it turns out that bulk of the money is being thrown at Follieri’s Audemars Piguet collection.

Now, we don’t have the money to spend on Hathaway’s gorgeous multi-strand pearl necklace or her chandelier earrings, but we’re willing to be someone out there does. Help give these jewels a good home!

[Via Gawker]

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