Anthem Wares Is Indie E-Commerce To Sing About

There may not be a single star-spangled banner amongst the merch carried by new e-commerce site Anthem Wares, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sing its praises loud and clear.

Instead, the shop carries a curated selection of hard-to-find and easy-to-love accessories from around the world. Founder Elizabeth Sayner described her inspiration for the website as a combination of her then-futile hunt for a “really good handbag that’s less than $1,000 and that’s not trying to be someone else” and “this great renaissance within the past few years of independent designers doing awesome stuff with accessories.” And awesome stuff they most certainly are doing, as is abundantly clear on a quick scan around the clean and easy-to-navigate shop.

There’s Angel Jackson, who covers the aforementioned segment of covetable handbags that don’t cost as much as a month’s rent; Joomi Lim‘s collection of punk-meets-prep jewels; and Cor Sine Labi Dole, whose re-imagined bowties we could see on dapper dudes and Jenna Lyons alike.

The crossover guy/girl appeal is all part of Sayner’s grand scheme for the site. “We think we’re a great gifting site for men and women to shop for each other, but also a lot of our brands cross that line between men and women,” she explained. One such line is Nabi, whose collection launched online yesterday. “We’ve developed an exclusive capsule collection with them,” Sayner enthused. “Nabi is a brand that’s made in Italy that does luxe bicycle bags and everyone can wear them. Your boyfriend buys one and you steal it, you borrow it from him.”

Well, hypothetical boyfriend, we hope you like yellow, because that Domus bag is calling our name.

And speaking of names, Sayner also delved a little into why she chose Anthem Wares as a moniker. “It’s about identifying and believing in designers and what they’re all about, and having these designers become your new anthem in a way, your new style expression.” This mission also translates into a “What’s your anthem?” campaign with a diverse selection of stylish ladies and gents hand-picked by the Anthem Wares crew, who, as the site evolves, will “come back into the shopping experience so that people can post and share…and become the new collective, if you will, for these designers.”

We had another idea of someone with a well-known anthem of her own: Michelle Obama, who rocked many a cool accessory on the campaign trail leading up to last week’s win. Sayner knew just what she’d pick for our stylish First Lady: Lim’s Prim and Punk Crystal and Thread necklace. “It would have gone perfectly with her outfit [on Election Night] and is just like her: delicate, feminine and graceful, with just the right amount of sass!”

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