Five ASOS Coats We’d Rather Be Wearing and Two Inconvenient Truths

Man. If we knew how easy it was to come up with these things, we would’ve went for our own Nobel Prizes years ago.

Al Gore kind of beat us to the punch though, so we’ll give you our undeniable, earthshaking findings for free: People who complain about the weather are the worst, and insufficient clothing in cold temperatures builds character.

Besides earning us a distinction only 100 other illustrious individuals have received, these facts also act as our get-out-of-jail-free card if some of you do end up buying these toppers from ASOS and they don’t turn out to be quite as warm as they advertise with their Stella McCartney-ish checked wool and snuggly faux fur.

No one likes a whiner, and besides — isn’t a bit of shivering worth it when you look this good for less than $200?

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