Bergdorf Goodman Was Hit With A Major Jewel Heist Yesterday

We’ve seen thieves with penchants for human hair, Marc Jacobs dresses, and Louis Vuitton luggage, but today’s news concerns some criminals whose loot of choice is a little more run-of-the-mill.

Three thieves broke into Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue at 3:30AM Friday morning, making off with “at least hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of expensive jewelry, the Post reports.

“That thief obviously has good taste,” said an executive from Paul Morelli, one of the jewelry designers whose pieces were nabbed by the robbers. Taste, maybe, but not much finesse. Security cameras caught one of the bandits using a hammer to smash a glass door while his partner blocked him from view. He then slipped inside and proceeded to smash-and-grab all ’round the jewelry department, before jumping in the getaway car manned by the third culprit. Quick and dirty, but apparently effective.

And while you may be surprised that the far more luxurious department store Nordstrom was spared, we should point out that they, unlike Bergdorf’s, do not have a Manhattan outpost, and the bandits probably didn’t want to make the trek to White Plains. You can’t pay tolls with stolen bracelets, after all.

[NY Post]

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