WATCH: 600 Shirts Stolen From Ben Sherman On FNO

Fashion’s Night Out was totally insane. We hit up Meatpacking, Soho, Midtown and everywhere in between. When we reconvened to discuss said insanity, we had but one question: how much stuff do you think was stolen on FNO?

Stores were packed to the brim and tons of merch was on display everywhere we went, so we were more than a little curious. The folks over at Ben Sherman had the foresight to exploit shoppers’ klepto tendencies, and actually devised a pretty brilliant marketing scheme as a result.

They dressed the windows of their Soho store from top to bottom in hundreds of shirts. Shirts happened to hang outside the window as well, and they decided to catch fashionable thieves taking shirts from the display via hidden camera. They edited the footage into the video below — and stamped the lifted shirts with this message: “Nicked! From Ben Sherman Soho New York, NY Fashion Week September 2010, But You Are Forgiven, Just This Once.”

Oh, those Brits sure are cheeky.

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