What You Need Right Now: 7 Statement-Making Flats

You want to be one of those women who happily slips into a pair of heels each morning, striding effortlessly out the door (cue the wind machine), standing tall all day, never flinching in her Louboutins. You really do. But…you’re not. Try as you may, you feel like a fish out of water in high heels. Your feet hurt after mere hours (maybe even minutes!), your ankles buckle on a regular basis, and you risk slipping with every 10 feet you teeter cautiously.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for the stiletto-challenged: eye-catching flats. Today, flats are not simply an alternative to our four-inched foes. No longer the substitute, they are the statement! From sandals to slip-ons, check out our round-up of the hottest flats around. And you know what would complement these flats? A goes-with-everything military jacket.

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Dan Abrams, Founder