Betsey Johnson On Her Diffusion Line, He Loves Me

We’ve been drinking a lot of Diet Pepsi this fashion week, and while that may or may not be good for our hearts, it’s done wonders for crossing people off our list of people we want to hug before we die (possiby from heart disease induced by drinking too much diet soda).

But we digress! Saturday morning we met the inimitable Betsey Johnson, one of the designers feeling the love of the new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can. Johnson told us that the soft drink isn’t the only cool product getting an overhaul — she’s introducing a lower priced line during the second half of her runway presentation on Monday.

So what will this new line look like? It’s classic Betsey Johnson hallmarks, updated for an age in which people don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for fashion.

“All my favorites: my vintage stuff, all my favorite cotton, lycra, chiffon, crepe de chines, charmeuses, tutu dresses. All that stuff we finally decided to bite the bullet and offer that, cross country — department stores, specialty stores — for a lower price range,” Johnson said.

The clothes will be sell for between $30 and $130 dollars, and Johnson is only too happy to give more people the opportunity to wear her stuff.

“It’s very competitively priced, as everything should be now. So we decided this is a formal introduction of our second vision, actually,” she said. “I’m so happy that I’ll have fans coming over that can actually afford the clothes, instead of saying “Oh, I love your work, but I can’t afford it.”

Making her clothes more affordable seems to be part of a Steve Madden‘s plan to get the brand back on its feet. He saved Johnson’s company from bankruptcy last September, and she says she’s happy to have the opportunity to move forward in business.

“It’s really a huge move for our company when, last year we weren’t feeling so healthy,” Johnson said. “And now we’re feeling extremely strong and healthy and double whammy, you know?”

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