Hermes Birkin Bag Waitlist Gets The Axe

We were wondering why Lady Gaga was so easily persuaded to graffiti all over her white Birkin Bag with a Sharpie while in Tokyo. Even someone as out there as Gaga must have thought twice before drawing on a bag that takes months to get, right? Maybe her ability to be so loosey goosey stemmed from the fact that the exclusivity of the Birkin is dwindling. That’s right, ladies, get your Birkins! According to, there’s no longer a waiting list!

Apparently, SheFinds called Hermes and was told they could simply walk into a store and pick one up right off the shelves. Who would have thought the day would come when the famous Birkin would be so readily available? Then again, while the waiting list is no more, the high price of the bag remains. But on the off chance that you have a cool $10,000 lying around run to Hermes now, before it’s too late.

[via The Cut.]

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