WATCH: Terrifying Black Friday Footage!

WATCH: Here Is Some More Terrifying Black Friday Footage

Black Friday isn’t something we totally comprehend. We love a good deal, but surely there is a less painful way to go about getting one, right? We thought the Walmart pepper spray video was pretty nuts — little did we know there was plenty more where that came from.

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Big box stores aren’t the only ones who get hit hard, you guys! This is what the crazy swarm at an Urban Outfitters near Los Angeles looked like:

And here is Victoria’s Secret in Modesto, Calif.:

Alas, Walmart really knows how to bring out the competitive shopping spirit in people. You would seriously think this stuff was being given away for free:


Even Walmarts in Hawaii are insufferable:

Have any other terrifying and/or hilarious Black Friday videos (or stories)? Email us at, or tell us all about it in the comments.

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