WATCH: Black Friday Shopper Pepper Sprays Her Competition!

There is no shortage of sites out there willing to tell you how to get the most bang for your Black Friday buck, but if you’re not averse to a little violence, one shopper in Los Angeles may have had the best plan of all: pepper spray.

No, we’re not advocating you pepper spray your fellow shoppers, we’re just sort of in awe of the fact that no one has ever done this before.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, one very determined shopper (perhaps even more determined than this lady) broke out the pepper spray on 20 customers (sending at least one to the hospital), in the hopes of securing herself an X-Box 360 on Thursday night.

The woman, who is still being sought, used the spray in more than one area of the Wal-Mart “to gain preferred access to a variety of locations in the store,” said Los Angeles Fire Capt. James Carson.

“She was competitive shopping,” he said.

Competitive shopping. That has a nice, perfectly euphemistic ring to it. Also: Next year, wear a gas mask.

UPDATE: Our friends at Mogulite found video of the incident, though the cameraperson’s account differs slightly from the above. They write:

What you’re seeing is a clip taken of a group of shoppers ripping and tearing at each other and a kiosk to get their hands on discounted Xbox 360 games. During the mayhem, one woman thought she was going to be robbed, so she pulled out her pepper spray and blasted the crowd. From my understanding another girl was shot directly in the face with the spray.


[LA Times]

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