Bring Out Your Inner Douchebag With These Tacky Tanks

"Are steroids Paleo?"

"Are steroids Paleo?"

We love douchebags even more than they love themselves. And when do we love them most? When we don’t even have to ask them what they’re thinking because we can just read their t-shirts. Cafepress being a free-for-all of customizable expression, was able to cull the world’s worst t-shirts to help pompous asses everywhere confirm in the minds of strangers that they have something to say.

The site makes good on its promise:

“Impress your local gym or workout buddies with how much of a jackass you really can be.”

Here, we give you the five best of the worst.

1. This one says, you’d be flattered if people thought you were juicing. That’s how jacked you are. But you’re health conscious too.


2. You have never voted. Be that as it may, this one says come what may, you know you have the right to point at your own arms.


3. You can’t go wrong with preemptive negging. This one sends a clear message to prospective targets as they approach: “Get thee to a gym even BEFORE I turn around to check you out from behind.”


4. This one will let them know Adonis needs standards.


5. This one says everyone’s on your jock bro.


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