Will Wearing These Tights Make You Burn Calories?

Can tights help you lose weight? The people at ShaToBu sure think so, but we’re more than a little skeptical. The company (which is not in fact Japanese, despite its name — ShaToBu stands for Shaping Toning Burning) sells calorie-burning legwear that utilizes resistance bands to help wearers lose weight. Right.

How does it work exactly? The bands “make muscles work a little harder during natural movement.” ShaToBu’s website cites a study from the University of Virginia that found “women who wear ShaToBu during daily activities burn up to 12% more calories during daily activities like walking or climbing stairs.” Hmmmm. The legwear (which includes shapers and tights) retails from $34 to $58, which falls into our “we don’t think we would spend this but we’re not totally sure” zone.

The video below spells out the “science” a bit more clearly, but we’re still suspicious. Watch it and let us know what you think!

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