What Does Carla Bruni Have Against Samantha Cameron?

The answer: nothing.

We’re going to go ahead and ask the world’s media operations to just stop this crap right now. There is no feud between French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Samantha Cameron, wife of the British prime minister, and there never was.

Earlier today, StyleList and The Daily Mail — both publications we here at Styleite read regularly — reported that Miss Carla took the time to sit down and write some “catty and backhanded compliments” about Cameron after their recent lunch in London. Once again, we say oh please.

Because while the comments were published on Carla’s site, she isn’t the author of the post — the byline belongs to a French journalist named Ludovic Perrin, who could only manage to find good things to report about Cameron.

And none of the comments are all that offensive. Below is the post in its unedited entirety:

Samantha Cameron, praised for her elegance, is a descendant of King Charles II and the new face attracting attention in England. Married for almost 15 years to David Cameron, she has been First Lady since her husband, leader of the Conservative Party, succeeded Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May 2010. The companion of the new UK head of government is a kind of fashion icon: until now artistic director of the luxury paper company Smythson, Samantha Cameron combines stylishness with a feel for her time. Aristocratic but bohemian, practitioner of yoga and close to the ecological cause, this mother of three (she lost one of her children last year at the age of 6), has retained from her youth (art studies in Bristol) a dolphin tattoo. A maverick style for a woman who, when questioned about her husband, does not hesitate to speak not only of his good qualities but also of the minor failings of everyday life. A husband who doesn’t pick up his clothes or clean up the kitchen after cooking and who zaps to find the next Western: fairly ordinary failings, after all, in an exceptional man – this descendant of William IV is the youngest UK Prime Minister since 1812.

It’s the “kind of a fashion icon” that’s causing the most consternation. The post doesn’t read, “she’s only sorta kinda a fashion icon.” It says she’s a stylish woman and “a kind of fashion icon.” You know, the good kind of fashion icon.

The Mail cites a “British fashion industry source in Paris” who says, “these sound like rather barbed, backhanded compliments from Carla, who is well known for damning people with faint praise.” It’s probably some lower-level public relations assistant who thought she could get away with an incongruency in translation.

And if anything, it’s David Cameron who should feel a little embarrassed that Sarkozy told the world he doesn’t pick up his socks. Samantha, on the other hand, has nothing to worry about. We even think she’s a little bit cooler now that we know about her dolphin tattoo.

So, we implore the writers of the world, don’t believe the hype. We know it’s a slow news day (we’re feeling the content pinch, too), but please stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill just for the sake of page views.

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