5 Celebrities We Hope Never Launch A Clothing Line

We’ve warned you about The Situation‘s design aspirations — that scary collaboration he is planning with Dilligaf. To be clear, we at Styleite understand and appreciate all sorts of trends and styles, even when they don’t necessarily match up with our own personal taste. But there are some celebrities we hope stay as far away from fashion as possible. Just because you can act, or sing, or pick a stylist who dresses you well when you walk the red carpet does not give you the right to call yourself a designer. So we ask the following five to please stick to their currently successful careers and let the experts handle the style stuff.

1. Vanessa Hudgens
The Toronto Sun reported yesterday that the High School Musical star — and girlfriend of Zac Efron’s — was having dreams of design and had begun thinking up ideas for her own clothing line. “I’m one who really mixes it up in my normal life,” she told Scotland’s Daily Record. “I go from the kind of cowgirl to the bohemian to the Indian princess to the rocker to the God knows where. I’ll probably be playing with certain extremes.” We anticipate Vanessa’s hypothetical line would include cliche boho chic styles a la Olsen twins circa 2004. In other words, yawn.

2. Glenn Beck
We never thought Glenn Beck would have fashion aspirations, but after criticizing Michelle Obama for her oil-spill printed shift dress, we’re beginning to think he has more of a sense of style than we had assumed. We hope Beck stays away from the sewing machine and stick to what he knows — wearing blinding sweaters and boring ties.

3. Taylor Momsen
With so much on her plate — her music career, modeling for Madonna’s new line, cursing and masturbating — we’d be shocked if Momsen could add anything else into her schedule. And we hope she won’t. Because if she decided to launch her own line, we have a feeling girls across the world would be donning unnecessarily ripped fishnets and an unhealthy amount of eyeliner.

4. Justin Bobby
Earlier last week, we showed you a blog post from a Justin Brescia fan site teaching lovers of Justin Bobby everywhere how to get his look. “Embrace grunge fashion. Be military inspired,” the site suggested. We hope Justin doesn’t get any ideas from those who celebrate his style. Greasy hair, white v-necks, and cigarette-scented flannels do not a collection make.

5. Ke$ha
She may have looked fabulous in Elle’s photoshoot, but the pop sensation admits to frequently finding clothing in garbage cans. And while we love thrift store finds just as much as the next person, we find her style to be a little… well, trashy (pun intended). If she were to have a line, we imagine it would be categorized as dumpster-chic and be decidedly less than desirable.

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