Chanel Purses Expected To See 20% Price Increase

Purchasing your very own Chanel number is a bag-hoarder’s equivalent of the Holy Grail. Women will starve themselves, max out credit cards, even skip paying rent just to know what someone like Rachel Bilson experiences every time a piece of quilted arm candy hangs off her shoulder.

But according to Madison Avenue Spy, the price of European Chanel bags, including reissues, just went up 20% — and the price-hike plague is expected to reach the states in a matter of weeks. In the words of Weezer, “Say it ain’t so!”

According to the blog, one sales associate figured that “rising demand and manufacturing difficulties are the cause for the rapid price increase.” In other words, too many people are getting their hands on a bag with interlocking C’s.

“We don’t want Chanel to become like Louis Vuitton. They are taking more of an Hermés approach where it can take three years to get the bag you like,” she said. “We want Chanel to stay a lux item and not be Main Street.”

After receiving the bad news, blogger Lila Delilah contacted all of Chanel’s NYC retailers to confirm the price hike. The Chanel store on 57th has heard the rumors but commented that “nothing is concrete,” and Bloomingdales said much the same. However, Bergdorf Goodman did confirm the retailer’s price increase and stated that it will commence at the end of this month.

In other news, counterfeited Chanel bag sightings are estimated to rise by 40% due to market correlations.


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