Christian Louboutin Charges $1,000 For Peep-Toe Pumps Made Of Trash

We’ve had designer footballs, designer towels, and (faux) designer pedicabs, and now we have designer trash. This isn’t just any trash, though. It’s Christian Louboutin trash. As part of a tongue-in-cheek “eco-friendly” offering, the designer took the idea of recycling one step further by incorporating discarded tidbits into his footwear.

In an impressive mix of high-low (Kate Moss would approve), the shoe couturier combined the PVC-glossed garbage with leopard print fabric and actual snakeskin. According to Neiman Marcus’s blog, the collage includes “pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled notes, leftover sequins, and fabric swatches from seasons past.” So it’s not technically trash trash, but it’s still not the kind of thing we’d expect to come atop our red soles.

But if you’re expecting a deal for second-time-around scraps, the aptly named Eco-Trash peep-toe pump still wields a hefty price tag of $1,095. Since they’re composed from one-of-a-kind material, no two pairs (or even shoes) are or ever will be alike.

They’re certainly avant-garde and original, but we’re wondering whether they’re worth shelling out over a grand. While we applaud the eco-friendly concept, isn’t it somewhat defeated by his use of snakeskin? And only a minuscule amount of “trash” is being recycled with each pair you buy, considering that it composes less than half of the material used to make the shoe.

What do you think? Would you buy them? (If you could, of course.)


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