Christopher Kane’s J. Brand Collection Makes A Bright Debut At Barneys

Yesterday morning, over several much needed shots of cappuccino at Barneys, Christopher Kane debuted his second capsule collection for J.Brand Jeans. And in true Kane form, they’re neon.

Why neon? Well, besides the fact that it’s basically the color palette of the season, he launched his first collection with neon because he wanted people to “sit up and see it.” And now, as he put it, “it’s part of [his] DNA.”

J.Brand’s founder and CEO Jeff Rudes also interviewed Kane about his inspiration, the collaboration, and his thoughts on Kate Middleton, which is how we learned that the Glaswegian loves watching True Blood and Walking Dead, though he fast forwards through a lot of the latter because he’s absolutely “terrified of zombies.”

As for Middleton, Kane followed up on an interview he gave WWD the other day, saying that he’d just love for her to support more designers. “Michelle Obama does such a great mix. Kate is such a beautiful girl and it’s such a shame she’s not working with more designers. She’s iconic and will only become more iconic.”

And with regards to the so-called “grueling” design schedule, Kane says it works for him. “The pressure keeps me going. I love this job and I’m really lucky to have it. The pressure really keeps me focused.”

Shop the full collection online at or at Barneys.

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