Feds Seize $100K Worth Of Counterfeit Uggs And Jerseys

Yesterday, Customs and Border Protection and the US Postal Service answered a question we here at Styleite have been asking for a long time now: Will people counterfeit anything? Yes, yes they will.

After a month-long investigation in Pittsburgh, the two departments seized a sizable haul of counterfeit Uggs, handbags, t-shirts, hats, shoes and athletic jerseys masquerading as official National Hockey League and National Football League merchandise. WWD reports that all told, nearly 800 individual pieces of fake were confiscated.

So why Pittsburgh? The city is home to this year’s NHL Winter Classic. Basically, because it’s cold enough, hockey games are played outside on New Year’s Day. Like any good product launch, there will likely be plenty of fans itching to get their hands on game day memorabilia. And wherever there’s something purchasable that tons of people will want to buy (Foley + Corinna handbags, anyone?), there are also lots of money-hungry skeeze-balls laying in wait to take advantage of the situation. Or, to put it more politely:

“Around every major sports event in this country, these unscrupulous entrepreneurs take advantage of fan fever to sell the whole range of products bearing the trademark and names of the teams involved,” said John Kelleghan, ICE Homeland Security Investigations agent in charge of the Philadelphia office.

Meanwhile, there are still some people who think counterfeiting is a good thing.

Feds Seize $100K in Fakes in Pittsburgh [WWD (Subscription Required)]

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