Do Speedo Sales Really Signal The End Of The Recession?

There are a lot of economic recovery indicators that we like to keep track of: mortgage delinquencies, the unemployment rate, corporate debt, even consumer spending. I mean, have you heard about how much men are willing to spend on khakis these days?

But the one new measure of how well our financial health is faring that we’re not so sure about — how short men’s swimming trunks are getting.

The Guardian reports that the more leg the average American guy is willing to show on the beach or by the pool has a correlation with how well our economy is doing.

When the stock market rises, men’s beach shorts shrink proportionally as customers trade more conservative board shorts for racier lengths. Trend experts are claiming that as the economy musters a recovery then men’s hemlines are heading north.

It sort of sounds like the adage about women’s hemlines: the shorter skirts get, the better we’re doing economically. But to be fair, neither Guardian reporter Imogen Fox nor WWD reporter Brenner Thomas, who first reported the story, talked to any economists. Excuse our skepticism, but we’re not quite sure if we can call this correlation direct.

Something we can be sure of, though, is that economic stability or no, there are some things that we don’t want to see by the shore, and Speedos are one of them.

[Image from DSquared Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Show]

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