Ebay User Accidentally Uploads Naked Photo With Her ASOS Dress

Photographing your clothing to put up on eBay can be tricky. You want to make sure the item looks as clean and wrinkle-free as possible, you don’t want cluttered rooms or dirty floors distracting from the merch, and you definitely don’t want to capture your naked body in the mirror and upload it for all to see. Or do you?

One woman from Oxfordshire listed a yellow ASOS skater dress on the auction site, unknowingly (or, some have argued, savvily) including herself in the side of the frame, clad in only a black bra. Once someone tweeted the photo, it went viral and bids shot up from the initial £15.99 asking price well into the thousands, until eBay reportedly pulled the listing for its lewd content.

Undeterred, the seller re-listed the dress along with a photo of herself covered up in a coat and the tagline: “#ebayyellowskaterdress as seen by thousands. never worn naked.”

The listing is down now but we sincerely hope her PayPal account balance now has a lot more zeros — the bids topped out at more than £153,000.

See the cropped photo below, and check out Gawker for the full, NSFW version.


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