Would You Ever Spend $500 On Legwear?

Fall is the best. Crisp air, apple cider, decorative gourds. And the sartorial options! Scarves, sweaters and tights — oh my! Yes, we love ourselves some fanciful hosiery, but how much is too much to spend on lust-worthy legwear?

The New York Post got their hands on a pair of $500 Rodarte socks (sold at Opening Ceremony, natch), and took to the streets to find out just how outraged $500 socks made people. And outraged, they were (seriously, check out the video below)! While the Post focused on expensive socks, we’re interested in really expensive legwear in general. (Also, we don’t know anyone who wears sock socks. They make everyone look jailbait-y or dowdy!)

A couple of years ago, Chanel came out with the most delicious pair of two-tone tights. We wanted them. Badly. But were we going to spend $200+ on a pair of tights that would go out of style the next season? No. (Were we going to spend $200+ on a pair of tights, period? No.) But here is something to consider: nice tights last longer, look better and are more comfortable.

Now, nice tights need not cost $200 (or even $100!). But there is a marked difference between $5 drug store stockings and $50 Wolfords (literally, those things can last years and years, and still look amazing). When investing in a good pair of classic black tights, $50 can be justified — especially when you consider how much money you might spend replacing your cheaper tights that are prone to runs.

But when shopping for trendier hosiery, where do you draw the line? We think $25 is reasonable, while $75 seems extreme — in between is a bit of a gray area. What do you think? How much would you spend?

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