If You’ve Ever Wanted To Wear Karl Around Your Neck…

Put a picture of Karl Lagerfeld on something, and you can pretty much guarantee it will be come the next, very large, great big thing. From the Karl mask bags to t-shirts, this stuff sells. And now you can add a little value to your neckline with a metal rendition of his iconic face.

In a 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lagerfeld professed his love for rap as he donned baggy jeans, an oversize coat and Run DMC-inspired tall tee. And as everyone knows: with rap comes chains, and Karl loves rap, therefore it was inevitable that the two would elope in harmony.
The stylishly street-sweeping garçons Jeremy and Kidza of Nous Sommes are the masterminds behind the necklace, and shortly after its inception the designer himself gave the project a photographic seal of approval.

And while we’re on the topic, hip-hop has long professed its love for jewel-encrusted neckwear, from Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu emblem to Flava Flav’s clock chain, which became one of Public Enemy’s most prominent brand associations.

Fast forward to today, it’s almost a climbing competition of who can push the envelope further for most ridiculous. Before we even dive into the potential future of “designer face chains,” let’s highlight some peculiar chain love from some of rap’s most notable personalities of today:

1) Sean Kingston’s $50,000 box of Crayola – A box of crayola crayons? No big, I’d buy that for my future child in a heartbeat. Decked out in diamonds for a whopping $50,000? You’d give my bank account a heart attack. It turns out this wallet-breaking venture was an investment down the drains, when in 2008 it was lost in transit via FedEx. Whoops.

2) Gucci Mane igloo chain – I’m certain the rapper knew what his motives were when he went into a jewelry shop for his next custom. We’re not too sure how much this cost, but he did once rap that he’s “got your budget on my neck” in his track “bling” – so we’ll leave that up to assumption. He can now say he has the coldest “ice” on the block, and it pains me to even write out that pun.

3) T-Pain’s “Big Ass Chain” emblem – It speaks for itself, literally. According to the source, this bad boy reportedly cost $410,000, weighing 7.5 lbs and flashing 197 karats of bling in your face. Too bad it’s doesn’t have the capability of speaking in autotune, or I’d be on a whole other level of appreciation.

4) Rick Ross and his narcissistic bling – You’d have to love yourself immensely in order to wear your own face around your neck. But imagine being a member of his entourage and you have not one but TWO faces staring at you as they give you orders. This is the face of a man who reiterates “I’m the boss” on a daily basis, so you bet that the jeweled portrait contributes to his everyday hustling. We wonder if that’s the secret to great power in an industry.

Of course, the Karl chains are exponentially more muted in comparison of design. If they sell like hot cakes, could we expect designers like Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger taking a spin on this ride? After all, both have dipped their toes in the world of hip-hop and its street fashion during their careers.

[Images via Nous Sommes]

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