Horrible Forever 21 Shirt Declares Girls Are ‘Allergic To Algebra’

First JCPenny told girls that they were too pretty to do homework (and that their brothers should do it for them), and now Forever 21 is telling them they’re “allergic to algebra”. This sucks.

We like to think now is a pretty awesome time to be a girl. The opportunities and role models girls are privy to rule. And as Tavi knows, being a teenage girl is special. But then we see that Forever 21 — a store beloved by tweens, teens, and grown ladies like ourselves — has a shirt that actually tells girls they are ALLERGIC TO ALGEBRA. Declaring that girls don’t or shouldn’t like math perpetuates the idea that women cannot excel in the sciences or mathematics. Not okay.

We wonder what the girls buying F21’s college apparel (with a healthy smattering of Ivy League representation!) think. Chances are they won’t be pairing their Harvard gym shorts with an Allergic to Algebra tee.

[via Gawker]

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