We’re Upset With The Gap And Whoever Made Their Anorexic Mannequin

If mannequins are supposed to show off what clothes look like at their best, then what we we supposed to think about this Gap mannequin with legs the size of pencils?

Boing Boing writer Cory Doctorow‘s wife spotted the mannequin on a recent shopping trip and tweeted a picture of it. Horrifically enough, the mannequin is standing right next to a placard that says “Always Skinny.” Doctorow picked up the image and wondered “what the internal project name for this was at Gap HQ: ‘Death-camp chic’? ‘Ana Pride’? ‘Famine fashion forward’?”

But what we want to know is how things like this keep happening. A British website recently got in trouble for selling baby onesies that quoted Kate Moss‘ famous pronouncement that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Topshop came under fire for making an already thin model look even thinner than she really is.

We can’t imagine how someone would fail to notice that this mannequin’s legs were unrealistically frail, but even if that’s the case, The Gap is now complicit in sending the message that unattainable levels of thinness are something to strive for. And with all the personnel problems the company is having right now, this is probably not something it has the resources to deal with or address.

[Boing Boing]

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