Oops! Gap’s FEED America Bags Were Made In China

Gap, Gap, Gap. Whatever will we do with you? Just two months after the colossal misstep that was their new logo, they’ve misfired again — but this time in the name of charity.

The eagle eyes over at BrandChannel found the above image (uploaded by Thomas Martin) on imgur, which shows one of the five FEED bags designed by Lauren Bush next to Gap’s in-store signage and featuring a black “Made in China” label. If Martin’s photo is to be believed, the label is in direct contradiction with the information on Gap’s website, on the bag itself, and on the sign promoting the charity.

That said, regardless of where the bag was made, Gap is still donating $5 for every bag sold to “improve school food and nutrition education in America” — there’s just something a little sad about the fact that a bag so blatantly, charitably, and patriotically “American” was, well, made in China.

[BrandChannel via Gawker, Consumerist.]

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