Gap Kids Thinks Little Girls Should Wear Sparkly Hot Pants This Winter

If you were to ask us to think of the perfect cold weather kid’s ensemble, we’d say: a cozy coat, a brightly patterned scarf with matching mittens, sturdy boots for snow trudging, and perhaps a pair of comfortable pants. Gap Kids, however, would recommend a pair of sparkly, black sequined hot pants.

This, friends, is what we’d like to call The Gaga Effect.

A reader tipped Jezebel off to one of Gap Kids’ “Looks We Love” outfits, entitled Sequins are a Hoot!, which… they are. Except not when they’re on a pair of mini black booty shorts recommended as winter wear to a little girl. Then they’re just wrong.

And Gap Kids’ customers apparently agree. A sampling of comments on the “Sequined Party Shorts” page:

Who is the Gap designing for these days. Cast of Jersey Shore???? Totally inappropriate for young girls. Shame on you!

Please tell me this is a joke. Sequined booty-shorts for a little girl?! Have you people lost your mind?

We’re not anti-sequined party shorts, generally speaking, we just think little girls should be encouraged to wear pants, tights, or some form of leg covering in the dead of winter. Do you agree?

[Gap via Jezebel.]

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