Let’s Make The Gap Fun Again!

You remember how every time you used to go into the mall, you’d walk past the Gap and think, “Hey, I should go in there. They had a cool commercial on TV the other day, and I want me some of what was in that commercial”? Yeah. The Gap remembers those times, too, and its trying everything it can to reproduce that feeling of goodwill and readiness to buy in customers all over the world.

The New York Times reports that the Gap brand experienced less-than-stellar gains last year when other brands owned by Gap Inc. — and other similar clothing brands — made steady increases. So Gap Inc has been doing everything it can think of to bring its flagship brand out of its financial rut. Including hiring, firing, redesigning and moving things around.

The most recent efforts to narrow the chasm between previous and present results have been wide-ranging. They included changing the agency that produces Gap ads; naming a new president for North American operations; moving the responsibilities for creative tasks like marketing and design to New York from San Francisco; and hiring, for the first time, a chief global marketing officer for the Gap brand.

That new chief global marketing guy is Seth Farbman, who used to work at Ogilvy & Mather. Strangely enough, that company is now The Gap’s new advertising firm — it fired Laird & Partners after that awful new logo fiasco.

Farbman says he’s happy for the “opportunity to take the brand and bring it back, or move it forward,” and we are too. Because as much as we loved the Gap in the past, we’d be lying if we said it still has all of the charm – or even half the charm — it used to have. Remember the khaki commercials? (In case you don’t we’ve included one of our favorites, starring Patrick Wilson and Claire Danes, below.) That kind of energy, value and pricing is what we’d like to see back at the Gap. That is, if you will, the gap we need Gap to fill.

Good luck, Mr. Farbman — we’ll see you at the point of sale. Or not.

Gap Seeks to Freshen Itself as a ‘People’s Brand’ [NYT]

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