Holiday Gift Guide: The Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” sounds much nicer than “Slugabed,” doesn’t it? Whatever you call her, she’s your well-rested friend: the one who gets eight hours to Harry Styles’ four, the one whose Clocky ran away out of shame and the one who sets meeting times followed by the most infuriating suffix in the English language: -ish.

You might curse her sloth DNA periodically, but when she’s not “meditating,” she’s as energetic and sociable as any toddler post-nap-time.

Show her you’re (mostly) supportive of her z-catching habit with something that makes her favorite activity even more enjoyable: a beautiful book to give her sweet dreams, a full-coverage pillow so she can rest her weary head anywhere and a combo alarm-clock-humidifier to give her supple skin and a fighting chance of making it to dinner on time.

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