Holiday Gift Guide: The Girl Most Likely

She makes Audrey Gelman and Tracy Flick seem like those dudes from The IT Crowd. She emailed Olympia Le-Tan about a custom Machiavelli clutch. She’s had a resume since second grade.

For your impossibly well-coifed, hyper-organized, definition-of-go-getting friend, Christmas is just another iCal entry squeezed between a veritable Tetris game of obsessively managed, color-coordinated blocks. She may be the best at everything else she does, but stopping to smell the Rose Duet is so not this HBIC’s strong suit. Luckily, she’s got you to gift her a year of online yoga classes, a portable speaker for blasting bath-side Beyoncé or some elevated school supplies to make the Oval Office feel more homey.

This girl is on fire, but you know what’ll really set her off (hopefully in a giggly and not yell-y way)? One of the year’s most controversial books given only half in jest.

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