$6500 Rick Owens Platform Boots Are Mystifyingly Ugly

Things we love: Rick Owens, Gilt Groupe. Things we are so, so perplexed by: the Rick Owens boots we just found on Gilt Groupe. Allow us to ask a few questions.

1. What exactly are these? (Like, we know they’re boots. But… still.)

2. Why did they originally cost $6500?

3. If they were in fact originally $6500, how can Gilt sell them for $299?

4. Is it because, inexplicably, nobody wanted them?

5. But if nobody wanted them, how the hell did they sell out?

The only thing we can reasonably assume is that Gilt had exactly three pairs in stock and that they were all purchased by Andrew Mukamal. It should also be noted that it was weirdly difficult to immediately identify that this ridiculous footwear was even designed by Owens — look how far down on the page (and how subtly) they mention him!

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