Harrods To Offer Degree In Retail Sales

Selling clothes is no easy task, especially in the current economic climate. But that said, there’s nothing worse than a salesperson who can’t anticipate what a shopper needs. Which is why British department store Harrod’s has begun offering degrees in sales as well as other educational programming for their employees. And considering the store sells everything from Chanel to $15,000 treadmills, we think it’s a good idea.

Earlier this month, we told you about a government funded class offered at South Thames College in London to help teach teens how to walk in stilettos. The course, named Sexy Heels in the City, hoped to prepare young women for their budding social lives and future business opportunities. Now, Harrods’ courses will help men and women enhance their professional life and resume.

The free 2-year program will be offered to Harrods’ employees in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University. Subjects including “human behaviour, shopping psychology, product knowledge and economics” will be offered through traditional classes, lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Arkin Salih, Harrods’ learning and development manager told The Guardian:

“We’re not shy to admit that we’re a business, we’re here to sell, and it’ll be great to see our sales go up as a result of offering the degree in sales. But, at the same time, the fact that this scheme is accredited gives the training legitimacy. It will hugely boost staff development, and bolsters the reputation of sales as a career. We have staff with spectacular people skills who are master craftsmen at making a sale – we want this degree to nurture that talent, and promote it in other staff, too.”

Nothing better than your boss wanting to enhance your learning experience! Harrods will make taking the courses easy for employees. In addition to the free tuition, all textbooks will be free and the courses will be offered during work hours as to not affect employees’ pay. The only catch? Those enrolled in the program must sign a contract promising to work at the store throughout the program and for six months following. Sharpen your pencils! Class is in session.

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