Harvey Nichols’ New Ad Promotes Puppies As Objects

Dear Harvey Nichols,

Contrary to what your ad would have us believe, puppies are not material objects. They’re definitely cute and most certainly covetable, but they do not make good gifts, nor should they be used as accessories for this year’s hottest trends.

Pop quiz! What is the busiest month of the year for animal shelters? Take your time, there’s no pressure! OK, actually, there is: time’s up. The answer is March. Why? Because all the adorable widdle puppies purchased as gifts over the holidays are no longer adorable widdle puppies in March. By March, they are small dogs that are still learning how to behave and as such are probably peeing in the corner and chewing your new Jimmy Choos. And all of a sudden they’re not so cute anymore. Instead, they’re annoying and they require work and responsibility and far too much effort to actually keep. And off to the shelter they go. Bye bye puppy!

Wait, what was that? This ad was just meant to be cute? The internet loves puppies and you thought maybe therefore the internet would love this ad? Let’s try a little experiment. Let’s rewatch this ad, except this time mute your speakers, pretend it’s accompanied by a sinister soundtrack, and imagine that it closes with the pug, and the words “Don’t Be An Asshole” written in place of “Not Just For Christmas.”

And if that doesn’t work, watch this video. And don’t be an asshole.



[via Racked.]

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