What Underwear Does One Wear With High-Waisted Pants?

The thong, the g-string, the low rise, the granny panty. Boy shorts, booty shorts, bikini cut. Cotton, silk, or lace. Women certainly have no shortage of underwear options. But while many feel a need to go low and skimpy for fear of the horrific Visible Panty Line (VPL), others could care less about a little lace peaking from the top of your jeans.

When you buy anything new that involves the lower region of your body, be it sweatpants or a black-tie gown, there’s always the looming question of what underwear to wear. What won’t show? What can you get away with? Is there such a thing as underwear that’s functional, comfortable, won’t show, and that my significant other/one-night stand will find sexy?

And then there’s the issue with the ever-changing styles. One minute, super low rise jeans are in, causing women to chuck any thong that goes above the bikini line, and the next, they’re told to wear pants that reach upward of bellybutton. The past few seasons have brought the high-waisted silhouette back, much to the dismay of straight men, and much to the confusion of our underwear drawers.

Problem: You throw on a thong — nothing crazy, just a cotton thong from, say, The Gap. Then you suit up in your favorite new high waisted shorts. Not a good or comfortable situation. We’re used to having our underwear fall close to the top of our jeans. Having that much material against bare skin, especially when we’re talking denim, wool, or any other thick material, feels awkward.

Solution: Thankfully, underwear companies, like my personal favorite, Hanky Panky’s, are stepping up to the challenge and creation underwear specifically designed for those who are loving the high waisted trend.

Hanky Panky is now selling high waisted thongs, briefs, and french cut panties in their traditional cotton lace material in both solid colors and patterns. (And yes, there’s a cheetah print). Best part about these isn’t only the comfort that Hanky Panky always deliver — you barely feel like you’re wearing them — but they’re sexy and fun, two words that don’t seem to usually follow “high waisted underwear.”

Spanx has the Hide & Sleek High Rise Panties with Thong Back which goes up to past belly button, and shapes your lower stomach and upper thighs instantly. The thong back allows you to not have to worry about any VPL’s and the silicone strip around the waistband ensures that you won’t spend your day or night hiking up your underwear. Like most items from the brand, the High Rise Panties with Thong Back is perfect for evening wear that requires a little temporary nip tuck.

The options are out there, but like most fashion decisions, especially those regarding undergarments, how to best handle what goes under your high waisted pants is a personal decision. If you’re looking for something everyday with a punch of sexiness, the Hanky Panky is for you. If your high waisted styles are causing your abdominal pouch to pop, Spanx could be the perfect solution. Both styles offer you full coverage from bikini line to belly button and, unlike most high waisted underwear options, won’t leave you with that annoying, unattractive VPL.

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