UPDATE: H&M Online Shopping Has Launched!

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Lately H&M’s e-commerce venture has been out-anticipated only by the royal baby, but the Swedish retail giant has announced it’s finally launching this August.

Confirmation came this morning via Twitter. In response to GLAM.com asking for an update on the expected launch date, H&M responded, “Online shopping will be available @hmusa in August, stay tuned for further details!”

And tuned we will stay. At present H&M offers online shipping in only eight of its 48 markets around the world: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and the U.K. U.S. delays were largely due to the problem of creating “seamless shopping” (buy online, return to store) in the face of such large sales volumes – an obstacle not made any easier by H&M’s higher-than-usual return rates.

While we don’t have an exact August date for you to mark your calendars with just yet, we do have a November one. November 14th is when Isabel Marant’s H&M collab is due out, and we’re praying to the fashion gods that the retailer will be have its digital store sufficiently prepped. Shopping for Marant in our PJs is a dream we didn’t even know we had.

At this rate, August is also around the time we’re expecting Kate Middleton to give birth.

UPDATE: H&M has officially launched, so have your credit card at the ready and GO!!!!!!

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