American Apparel Debuts New Ad Titled, ‘In Bed With The Boss’

American Apparel may have caught a break from Lion Capital, the investment firm that hold the loan on about $80 million worth of the company’s debt, but Dov Charney doesn’t seem to be doing much with it. Instead, Charney seems content to keep with American Apparel’s status quo, which is to say: in house advertising that’s supposed to be edgy and indie but instead is wearing seriously thin.

In one of the brand’s newer ads, Dov Charney is photographed in bed with American Apparel’s two creative directors, Iris and Marsha, in a fully-clothed shot we assume is meant to be tongue in cheek. The thing is, it’s not funny when the CEO and focus of the ad has had several, nay, numerous sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him.

Charney, it should be noted, is no stranger to appearing in his own ads. He previously starred in one in which a model licked his crotch through his grey underpants and another in which a model was, well, literally in bed with him.

[via CopyRanter.]

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