The iPad’s Newest ‘It’ Accessory: The T-Shirt Carrier

Remember our list of 5 insolvable fashion problems? One of our biggest issues with the clutch is the inability to do virtually anything with your hands if you’re carrying it. Want to shake someone’s hand? Sorry — you’re too occupied trying not to drop your bag.

This issue extends to doing any activity while holding things — most notably electronics. How do you text message effectively if, at the same time, you need to be doing something else? What is the best way to hold your iPod while also downing an iced latte?

When the iPad came out, people wondered if something as large as a computer screen would actually be toted around town by its tech savvy aficionados. A series of accessories and carrying cases quickly followed, and it was only a matter of time before something fashion related followed suit. Enter the Syte shirt — a t-shirt with an open plastic rectangular seal specially designed to comfortably fit your iPad, enabling you to engage in any activity without taking your eyes off of your prized possession.

Want to go grocery shopping? Hang out at a bar with friends? Sort through the sale rack at Bloomingdales? Slip that iPad in your shirt and you’re good to go. We doubt anyone we know will sport this $50 tee — after all, for that kind of money, why not just get a cute bag to slip your iPad in — but give the designer of the shirts major props for thinking creatively, and of course, for beginning to solve one of our fashion problems.


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