J-Woww Shares Her Fashion Tips For Men

Not that we like perpetuating the stereotype that, you know, fashion designers are superficial people who are only interested in looks or whatever, but we like to think that most designers really do care about clothes and they way they look when they appear in public.

But not Jenni Farley, better know as J-Woww from The Jersey Shore.

Farley, who appears in a bikini shoot in Maxim‘s August issue, said she doesn’t spend all that much time getting herself together. Which really, really surprises us.

“I’m a tomboy. It takes me 20 minutes to get ready. I get ready faster than most of the boys on the show. Take pride in how you look, but never, ever take longer than me to get ready.”

Still, though, there have to be standards, and when it comes to men’s appearance, Farley has them.

On general presentation:

“Everything should be crisp, new, pressed, and not all wrinkled and worn.”

On your feet:

“Number one is socks and sandals. Seriously, guys, knock that shit off. Number two, if you wear flip-flops, I don’t need that weird yellow toe sticking out. I don’t mind a semi-metrosexual, especially when it comes to keeping your toes and nails clean and trimmed.”

On cologne:

One or two squirts at most. When you put on too much, women say, “What’s he covering up?” Also, guys should use lighter scents in summer, heavier in winter.

“Decent advice, but we’re gonna be honest here: The only guys who don’t know this stuff already are the ones with no home training. And we’re not going to date them, anyway, now are we?”

Read the rest of her Q&A with Maxim, which asks tough questions like “Who’s your girl crush?” and “Summer sex: hot or too sticky?” here.

[The Gossip Girls via Maxim]

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